Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola d'Albenga

Pot Plants: daisies, blossoming plants, herbs, olive trees, citrus fruits, cacti, and vegetables of Albenga’s plain

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Since 1941 we promote
Albenga’s agriculture
Europe wide
Aromatic Plants
Aromas and Flavours of Albenga
Our Headquarters
A leading logistic hub
I quattro di Albenga
Ox’s heart Tomato
Pumpkin Trombetta
Thorny Artichoke
Purple Asparagus

Pot plants

Evergreens and blossoming pot plants: Albenga’s daisies, cyclamen, chrysanthemums, cacti, Mediterranean plants, nursery stock, citrus, olive trees, etc.

Aromatic plants

Aromas in pots of traditional and organic growing. From the plain of Albenga fragrant aromatic plants in different formats, trays and cachepot.


A broad range of vegetables from the delicious 4 Albenga: ox’s heart tomatoes, pumpkin trumpet, prickly artichoke and purple asparagus and many more.


The largest, agricultural products store of Liguria with Agropharmacy and agro-technical consulting service with our expert consultants
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