Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola d'Albenga

Pot Plants: daisies, blossoming plants, herbs, olive trees, citrus fruits, cacti, and vegetables of Albenga’s plain

Eat better! Eat more herbs

Eat better!
Eat more herbs

Perché consumare le piante aromatiche?
Scopri i loro vantaggi, utilizzale in cucina e nella vita di tutti i giorni

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Eat better! Eat more herbs



Internally: it relieves tiredness, weakness, digestive and hepatic disorders, respiratory and ENT infections, headaches. External: it treats rheumatic disorders and peripheral blood circulation (hands, feet, legs).

In the kitchen

It seasons lamb, rabbit, wild game, pork or poultry. It is the ideal union with vegetables; it  perfectly matches with thyme and garlic.
Eat better! Eat more herbs

Biodegradable and compostable pot

The biodegradable pots are permeable and are made of bamboo fiber material. By comparing them with other common pots, fiber pots have a strong ability to absorb infrared during the sunny hours of the day. This absorption capacity during the winter is very positive for the growth of the plant because the pot maintains a constant temperature. The growth process of the plant is facilitated by the presence in the composition of the pot of nutrients necessary for its development. By releasing its nutritional content in the soil, the pot helps to give life and strength to the aromatic plant. When the pot breaks, it degrades without polluting the atmosphere. Fiber pots have many advantages such as light and bright colors, different styles, good permeability, easy cultivation and a pleasant appearance.
Eat better! Eat more herbs

Rope and ecological label

The label is made of recyclable brown sveto coat paper supported by a wooden bolt.
BioAgriCert GlobalGap