Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola d'Albenga

Pot Plants: daisies, blossoming plants, herbs, olive trees, citrus fruits, cacti, and vegetables of Albenga’s plain

The cooperative L’Ortofrutticola Albenga

The Ortofrutticola was founded in 1941 and it’s the largest agricultural Cooperative in Liguria. With more than 650 associated Farmers, the cooperative covers an area of about 2,000 hectares, more than 60% of the cultivable area of Albenga’s plain.

La nuova sede

About Us

We have been operating for 75 years on the market thanks to a close and continuous cooperation with our local producers. This is enabling us to offer two types of products: a classical assortment that better reflects the so called ”Ingauna tradition“ with our most popular items, and an innovative assortment that has been carefully crafted following the new trends of national and international markets (Eco-Cultivation, Certifications, dedicated packaging etc.). Our Catalogues include a wide range of assortments of potted plants (aromatic, daisies, flowering plants), severed herbs, vegetables and spices.

We ship Europe wide

Thanks to our internal dedicated logistic department and an effective cooperation with several national and international transport companies, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to all our markets of interest.

The new operational Headquarters

Since 2012 we are operating from our new and modern logistic base of 30.000 square meters, compliant with the industry standards. The Flowery and Vegetables divisions have larger dedicated warehouses, allowing us to manage higher volumes of products following our structured and organised set of procedures. These ensure we will provide excellent service to every customer; from larger retailers to small shops owners. With the increasingly skilled and qualified support of our staff, The Ortofrutticola, provides professional assistance to all customers in every phase of the sale process.

Our Services

Specialized Agronomist’s Advice

Our technical support team, formed by qualified agronomists, provides specific services for members of the cooperative and our customers such as: information and training through conferences, multi-residue chemical analysis, collection of the applications forms for the required agrochemical license, agronomic advice and providing assistance in filling the field-work logbook. The team works in collaboration with the department of agro-pharmaceutical which is the only specialized centre in pesticides in the ligurian region.

Logistic Platform

Thanks to our large spacious complex we offer to all our customers and associates the opportunity to use our qualified personnel and our spaces as logistic platforms according to their needs.


We possess the Certificate of conformity to Reg.834 / 07 for the sale of specific Biological products such as: potted and severed aromatic herbs, garlic and potatoes.
Since 2016 we also acquired the Certificate of Compliance GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody Version 5.0 for the severed herbs , potted aromatic plants and Vegetables.
We guarantee our customers full traceability of our products throughout the supply chain.


Supermarkets and Department Stores, Wholesalers, Cash and Carry, Garden centres and Florists.
BioAgriCert GlobalGap