Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola d'Albenga

Pot Plants: daisies, blossoming plants, herbs, olive trees, citrus fruits, cacti, and vegetables of Albenga’s plain

The only ligurian centre specialized in agrochemicals

Experts are available for customers and partners to treat, prevent and promote the optimal development of the crops.

A complete range of products for immediate availability for all kind of crops: olive growing, wine growing, floriculture, horticulture and fruit growing.
Agronomists experts advise clients to receive the most appropriate and effective products for plant care, to improve its growth and development.
Where possible, they always prefer pesticides with low environmental impact and without residue, also promoting integrated pest management.
Particular attention is paid to organic production crops. The supplied products are always of natural origin, for the defence as for the fertilization of plants.
n addition, prior to commercialize, all protecting products are thoroughly tested to prove its effectiveness and avert undesirable effects for crops and the environment.

Some services

  • Collection of applications for license agrochemicals issuance
  • Advice for agrochemicals management
  • Agreement service for agro drugs disposal
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